What is Rotational Molding? 

Rotational Molding is a process that yields hollow plastic parts with great flexibility in design. 

Made Local

Because the process is usually used for large parts and small part quantities, rotomolded products are less likely to be manufactured overseas.  There are more than 400 rotomolders in North America who are ready to help you bring your products to market. Companies such as Harley-Davidson, John Deere, McDonald's, Volvo and The Walt Disney Company employ rotomolders to develop new products.


Rotational molding is a manufacturing process that yields hollow plastic parts with a huge flexibility in design geometry. Because it's a low-pressure process, it allows even wall thickness from 4/1000 to 1 1/2 inches.

Low Tooling Costs

Low tooling costs make smaller production runs more reasonable than with other manufacturing processes. The process also allows for relatively short product development lead times. 

Variable Sizes

Rotomolded products range in size from intricate medical masks to kayaks to massive water tanks. 


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Magis Proust Armchair (banner image) by Magis Persico Rotomolding CNC Mould. Photo by Tom Vack.